Urban Produce Opens Organic Farm Store

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Urban Produce Opens 100% Organic Farm Store

10% of Grand Opening Sales Benefited Bracken’s Kitchen

Urban Produce Organic Farm Grand Opening
Irvine, CA, July 2016 – Urban Produce, Irvine’s organic indoor vertical farm, hosted the Grand Opening of their Farm Store on Saturday, July 9.
Acting as a weekly pop up shop, the Urban Produce Farm Store will be the first on-site retail addition to their indoor growing facility in Irvine, CA. Chefs and consumers alike will be able to find a variety USDA-certified organic produce at wholesale pricing.
“Our mission at Urban Produce is to make nutrient dense foods more accessible on a global scale; and the best place to start is right here in our own community,” commented Certified Nutritionist and Director of Marketing, Danielle Horton. “By selling both our organic, living produce and organic produce sourced from responsible farms at wholesale prices, we’re doing our part to make nutrient-dense foods more affordable and accessible to Orange County’s diverse population.”

The majority of items at the Urban Produce Farm Store are grown on-site using the company’s patented High Density Vertical Growing System. The store will showcase a wide variety of Urban Produce’s organic, living greens including microgreens, wheatgrass, basil, and lettuce blends. Other seasonal, organic items including cherries, mini seedless watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, and mini sweet peppers will vary depending on availability and will be sourced from responsible farms producing USDA-certified organic produce. The Urban Produce Farm Store will also sell limited quantities of their substrate, the proprietary growing medium they make on-site using a unique compound of organic materials. Chefs and consumers will also be able to pre-order specialty, organic produce. Urban Produce will then either grow the item on-site or source the order from their network of organic farms.

The Urban Produce Farm Store will be open to the public every Saturday from 8 a.m. –  2 p.m. at their indoor organic farm located at 1 Marconi, Suite F, Irvine, CA 92618. For more information, and a full list of products, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/569619386564107/


Urban Produce is a Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) vertical grower located in Irvine, CA. Their patented “in-motion” High Density Vertical Growing System allows them to produce live, organic, non-GMO produce year round.  Their mission is to globalize locally grown, organic produce, by building vertical growing systems all over the world, thus stimulating economies and creating local jobs all while reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Please visit: www.urbanproduce.com, or connect with Urban Produce on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.