Japanese Vertical Farming Leaders visit USA Agriculture Heartland

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East Meets West: Urban Ag News and the Japan Plant Factory Association come together for Nor Cal Networking Event

Urban Ag News and the Japan Plant Factory Association in coordination with the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry are pleased to announce a joint networking event with US-based agriculture organizations and operations.

The event will take place on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, from 9am to 4pm at the University of California Cooperative Extension’s Agricultural Center Conference Room located at 1432 Abbot Street, Salinas, CA 93901.

Entry will be $20.00 and will include morning coffee service and lunch. Please proceed to Eventbrite to reserve your ticket! This event has only 80 spots, and they will fill up quickly.

UPDATE: This event has sold out!

Hear keynote speeches by Dr. Toyoki Kozai of Chiba University in Japan; known at the “Father of the Modern Plant Factory” he will be discussing his new book “LED Lighting for Urban Agriculture”. Also presenting is Dr. Don Wilkerson of iBio CMO. A leader in plant-made pharmaceuticals, iBio CMO has broad capabilities in plant, cell culture and microbial-based expression systems.




Japanese Companies Participating:

Presentation: “The way to successful vertical farm business: Verification capability in real factory, optimizing the factory  operation, new market creation experience”

MIRAI is developing and selling hydroponic cultivation systems for indoor vertical farms. To date, we have exported indoor vertical farm systems to Mongolia, Hong Kong and Russia. We possess the “#1 Cultivation Know-How” which means not only the method of creating the best cultivation environment for the growth of the plant but also the method for optimizing the overall factory operation. We provide total solutions to achieve commercialization for indoor vertical farm businesses.

Presentation: “KAJIMA’s Engineering Approach for Large-scale Plant Factory and Advanced Facility for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals”

KAJIMA provides the client with consistent support from the project planning stage right through to the facility construction and operation stages by making the best use of wide-spread technology. We achieve optimal environmental control for plant cultivation with our highly detailed design expertise based upon various simulations and a wealth of construction experience. Achievements in Japan include the large-scale commercial Plant Factory, production capacity of millions of leaf lettuce heads per year, and an advanced laboratory for plant-made pharmaceuticals to extract the active substance from genetically modified plants. Additionally, KAJIMA U.S.A. Group is responsible for the construction and development business for the entire North America region.


Nihon Advanced Agri
Presentation: From Agri to Lifescience-Triple wavelength wide-band LED system and innovative fuctional plant cultivation techniques

To ensure the business of our clients succeed, among other roles, Keystone Technology provides access to new markets for distributing vegetables and brand consulting services. With our original power LEDs, we provide tailor-made plant factory solutions ranging from trial size to large-scale commercial production systems. We envision using our technologies to produce vegetables with highest nutritional value available and we go beyond being just a system supplier, we spread the future of new food production systems throughout the world!


Keystone Technology
Presentation: LED Vegetable Factory, As a solution of Sustainable Agriculture at Urban Cities


Shinnippou 808 FACTORY
Presentation: Actual experience of operating large scale plant factory: How to reduce labor cost and achieve doubled productivity (applying remote monitoring and data analysis system)

Established in 2014, Shinnippou 808 FACTORY is one of the largest and most profitable vertical farms in Japan. Based on our experience of operating a large-scale plant factory, we have comprehensive knowledge of productivity management. With the use of multiple sensors and video cameras, we have successfully doubled productivity and reduced labor costs while applying remote monitoring and a system of comprehensive data analysis.

Presentation: “Semi Dry Fog® Cooling, Humidification & Pest Control System in Greenhouse”

IKEUCHI, also known as “The Fog Engineers” provides solutions based on over 60 years of experience and hands-on knowledge of spray nozzles and nozzle-related systems for industrilal, commercial and agricultural use.


Presentation: “How to achieve twice the rate of plant growth by SAIBAIX (proprietary PlantX software) cloud computing systems”

With the core technology and service of  PLANTX,  it is possible to improve the economic efficiency of plant factory operations. By implementing SAIBAIX, our state-of-the-art software system, we aim to double productivity along with minimizing production costs.


Japan Plant Factory Association
Presentation: “LED lighting and the next generation plant factory”

A non-profit association devoted to academic and business advancements in the global Plant Factory/Vertical Farm/CEA industry. Around 20 consortium, R&D projects are conducted in PFAL’s (plant factories using artificial light) and Greenhouse facilities onsite and outside the campus of Chiba University. Monthly workshops, training courses and intensive business session courses are offered for professional growers and potential entrants to the industry. International cooperation on business, R&D or any activities including joint conferences are always welcomed!



For More Information:

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Email: jim@urbanagnews.com

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