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Philadelphia, PA- As the hydroponics industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, seeks to bridge the gap between industry employers and job seekers. The website’s founder, Kyle Barnett, designed the site in response to the difficulties he faced while trying to find a job with a commercial hydroponic grower.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Barnett knew that his true passion was in sustainable food production. When he began searching for a job with a commercial hydroponic farm, he recalls that the process was “difficult, to say the least. I remember searching on Google for ‘hydroponic jobs’ and having to sort through so many different listings that weren’t related to hydroponics or urban farming. The only way to get a job seemed to be showing up at these companies’ doors or knowing someone on the inside.”


When Barnett finally landed a job with a commercial hydroponic greenhouse, he soon realized that his employer faced a similar dilemma. “They had a number of openings, particularly for higher level positions where they needed really qualified candidates. They were finding it extremely challenging to fill these positions. Because of the growing popularity and interest in commercial hydroponics I knew that there was no shortage of necessary talent in the country.”

“I asked myself ‘with all these new hydroponic start-ups, how can we connect companies with jobseekers in a more efficient manner?’ ” That’s when came to fruition.


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