State of Indoor Farming 2017

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It’s time for the 2017 State of Indoor Farming & we need your help.

We’re excited to partner with Agrilyst for their second annual State of Indoor Farming survey. To conduct the survey, we’re asking that all farms take approximately 10 mins to fill out the survey as accurately as possible. Agrilyst will be compiling the data and sharing anonymous data via their report. No data will be shared that’s identifiable to you. You can see their report from last year here.

There are 50 questions total and some are mandatory and some are optional. If you’d like your company to be highlighted in the survey (good marketing), you can reach out to Allison at Agrilyst directly:


Last year, over 150 indoor growers participated in our State of Indoor Farming Survey and the results were pretty amazing. We were able to share detailed insights like how much money farms are making by crop and how big tech budgets are for both small and large indoor farms. You can still check out that report here:

We’re at it again this year with our new survey and we are hoping to share even more insights from growers.

The new survey is now available and we are hoping to share even more insights from growers. Once you have completed the survey please feel free to share with the hashtag #SOIF2017.

Thank you!
Allison, Agrilyst

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