Second in Seedstock ‘Future of Food’ Field Trip Series to Focus on Community Development

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LOS ANGELES – Mar. 7, 2017 — Slated for Friday, March 17, 2017, the ‘Future of Food – Community Development Field Trip’ will visit a series of innovative food and farming ventures that have emerged to increase food access, reduce food waste, create jobs, advocate for food justice, and improve health and nutrition across Southern California.

The tour is the second in a series of Seedstock ‘Future of Food’ field trips that was recently launched to facilitate the exploration of food systems innovations that are generating economic and community capital.

“Food related endeavors that focus on community development and engagement — from community gardens and urban farms to workforce development programs — play an essential role in enhancing food security, educating citizens about where there food comes from, and strengthening food equity,” said Robert Puro, CEO of sustainable agriculture social venture Seedstock LLC. “The field trip will provide attendees with the opportunity to see firsthand the impact of community food systems ventures in cities.”


Scheduled Field Trips Stops include:

1. L.A. Kitchen – Founded by Robert Egger in 2013, L.A. Kitchen is located in a 20,000 sq. ft., two–level processing kitchen, in NE Los Angeles. L.A. Kitchen operates Strong Food, a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary that hires training program graduates and competes for food service contracts, with an emphasis on opportunities to serve healthy senior meals. By purchasing and reclaiming cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables, which would otherwise be discarded, and using them to train and create culinary jobs for unemployed men and women, L.A. Kitchen makes scratch-cooked, healthy meals for the community.

2. Lavender Hill Urban Farm– Lavender Hill is a key project of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council, which manages 40 community gardens in Los Angeles County. Comprised of four and half acres of land, Lavender Hill Farm is located alongside the 110 freeway near Chinatown in Los Angeles, directly behind the Solano Canyon Community Garden. It was launched to provide meaningful work for ex-cons, former addicts, and at-risk teenagers.

3. Edendale Grove Parish Garden is part of Seeds of Hope, which is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles that seeks to help congregations, communities, and schools turn unused land into productive gardens and orchards to provide healthy and fresh food in areas of need across the county. Edendale Grove farm is situated on a previously vacant lot next to the Cathedral Center of St. Paul in Echo Park. The lot has been transformed into a parish garden that supplies fresh produce to local families as well as the essential ingredients to create sacramental oil and bread for the church.

Select Confirmed Speakers include:

Robert Egger – Founder and CEO of L.A. Kitchen

Tim Alderson – Executive Director of Seeds of Hope

Julie Beals – Executive Director of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council

A farm-to-fork lunch will be hosted and prepared by L.A. Kitchen

To register and learn more, follow this link:

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