Vertical farming across the pond: an overview of the UK indoor farming market


Jonny Reader, research associate at the University of Nottingham and design engineer at V-Farm talked about the current fruit and vegetable market in the UK and insecurities surrounding Brexit. Here are the t 5 take home points:
UK farming activities relay on forging seasonal labor and the future is uncertainly due the eminent UK departure from the European Union.
30% of the food consumed un the UK is imposed from the European Union
In 2017 the UK imported $13.84 billion worth of fruits and vegetables
Automation is viewed as a promising solution for labor shortage
Europe represents 21% of the total vertical farming market, behind Asia – Pacific (42%) and North America (30%).

In view of the current European market situation there is an increasing opportunity for vertical farms to fulfill the local vegetable demands. Watch the full webinar at


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