Empowerment without borders: Meet Modular Farms


– Chris Michael, Bright Agrotech

Since the spring of 2014, Eric Bergeron and Eric Amyot have been growing and selling farm-fresh produce right in the heart of downtown Cornwall, Ontario.

They started growing food because they saw the opportunity to make an impact on their local community by providing healthy produce to restaurants and grocery stores in their area.

Since then, Eric and Eric have decided to empower other farmers across Canada with the world’s best growing equipment.

Today, we’re very excited to announce that ZipGrow towers will now be manufactured and distributed in Canada!

Watch the video: Modular Farms Now Outfitting Canadians with ZipGrow

Up until today, our Canadian customers would pay outrageous amounts (and wait a long time) to get their ZipGrow products.

Obviously this doesn’t mesh so well with our core value of empowering farmers, so with the help of Eric and Eric at Modular Farms, we’re doing something about it.


Because Modular Farms, like our team here at Bright, is also committed to empowering and equipping all types of farmers and gardeners

This alignment of values gets us incredibly excited to expand our family to our favorite neighbor to the North.

I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them to the ZipGrow family!

Meet Modular Farms