Pinewell Capital Acquires One of the Industry Leading Pioneers of High Pressure Fog Manufacturers in the U.S.

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March 20, 2017, SCOTTSDALE, Az. – Pinewell Capital, a private equity investment firm, announced today they have completed the acquisition of Chandler, Arizona based Fogco Systems Inc.  Fogco is an industry leading manufacturer of high pressure fog systems used in a variety of climate control applications for a worldwide customer base.  Manufacturing and distribution will remain under the Fogco name and management will remain onboard to realize Fogco’s promise.    Terms of the private transaction were not disclosed.

“We are eager to leverage our 29 years of industry experience combined with the committed resources and support of Pinewell Capital,” said Gary Wintering, President and CEO of Fogco Systems Inc. “Pinewell’s extensive business knowledge and experience will help to further bolster our already fast-growing capabilities and to maintain our company’s primary objective of being the best company in our space.  We are all excited about the opportunities ahead as we continue to focus on providing our customers with world-class products, service, innovation, and support.”

“At Pinewell, we seek to partner with and support companies that lead in their respected fields and share our core values stressing people, integrity, and continual improvement.” Said Yuta Matsul, Partner at Pinewell Capital.  “In Fogco, we found a promising company with a great team; from its President Gary Wintering to all its managers and employees.  Fogco has been growing rapidly, and together with a shared vision and resources, we strongly believe we can accelerate this growth and enhance our capabilities to deliver solutions to our customers’ evolving needs.” Added Ziv Bendor, Partner at Pinewell Capital.


About Pinewell Capital and Fogco Systems Inc.

Pinewell Capital is a Scottsdale based private equity firm focused on investments in low to mid-market companies.   They look for niche businesses that fall outside the investment parameters of other investment groups.  Pinewell emphasizes the benefit of collaborative partnerships by working closely with companies’ management teams to capitalize on strategic growth opportunities and operational improvements.  To learn more about Pinewell Capital, visit

Founded in 1989, Fogco Systems Inc. is one of the original pioneers of high pressure fog systems and has developed numerous proprietary products for the industry.  Typical applications include outdoor cooling, industrial humidification, dust suppression, odor control, and special effects. Fogco is known for its ability to design and manufacture custom solutions for some of the most complex and demanding industrial needs.   This same technology is used for residential cooling and many other commercial applications.   To learn more about Fogco Systems Inc. visit


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