Parabel is hiring AquaCrop Production Manager

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Position: AquaCrop Production Manager

Location: Fellsmere, Florida

Parabel is an innovative, vertically integrated food ingredient company focused on commercializing novel ingredients produced from water lentils with applications in food, feed and nutrition markets.

Parabel has developed two unique food ingredients: LENTEIN and Water Lentil Flour. Parabel’s water lentil products represent more than just superior nutrition, our approach requires:

• Taking better care of ourselves and the planet we inhabit

• Accountability in the food industry

• Bringing responsible global food production and consumption into the 21st Century.

We are looking to expand our team to advance our commercial and production activities to meet our growing customer needs. If you are a self-starter with detailed planning and execution skills to carry out daily farming of a sustainable crop, you are encouraged to apply.


Job Summary:

The Crop Manager will be responsible for the day to day planning, oversight and operation of up to 450 acres of commercial crop growth area in accordance with standard operating procedures and best practices in farm management developed by the company. This role will include the hiring and management of all resources necessary to operate and maintain the crop growing operations including monitoring, testing, quality control, feeding, harvesting and transport of the harvested crop to the processing facility.

This role will further involve driving forward initiatives focused on cost effective improvement of farm management practices, yield and quality, working closely with the company’s technical development and support teams.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Oversee all aspects of Crop Production including but not limited to quality, health and yield

2. Refine procedures and protocols based on best crop management practices

3. Coordinate, plan, and execute daily activities to maintain optimal growing and harvesting conditions

4. Implement mitigation strategies as needed.

5. Record and communicate daily growth and harvest metrics and seek input for improvement

6. Develop and implement contingency plans to address unexpected challenges.

7. Update risk matrices and mitigation strategies with ongoing operations and learning.

8. Work closely with the R&D teams to incorporate new and updated technologies and SOPs as they become available.

9. Purchase equipment and supplies and manage equipment and supplies inventory

10. Hire and train supervisors, lab and field technicians and labor required to meet the evolving needs of the crop growth operations

11. Develop and maintain liaisons and effective working relations with other groups within R&D and operation as well as with vendors and contract R&D organizations

12. Develop budgets and cost models based on corporate needs/priorities

13. Organize and deliver performance information to internal and external customers

14. Work effectively and safely in lab and field environments

15. Ensure the daily delivery of crop targets required to meet the agreed production capacity

16. Ensure improvement projects are completed in a timely fashion

17. Ensure the entire crop growth operation is fully maintained and meets all applicable health and safety requirements.

18. Oversee adherence of the crop growth operations to Company’s food safety and traceability programs



1. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Agriculture or related field

2. Minimum 5 years’ experience managing staff and resources in an agricultural operation, preferably hydroponics related.

3. Sound Technical understanding in growing plants as impacted by environmental conditions, nutritional profile, and seasonal changes

4. Sound understanding of the financial principles applicable to effective planning, cost control and budgeting of the crop growth operation.

5. Skills in managing numerous projects concurrently and adaptability to rapidly changing business needs

6. Leadership drive and initiative with the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively

7. Willingness to accept responsibility and deliver results under difficult and challenging situations

8. Good verbal and written communication skills, including ability to adapt to technical and non-technical individuals

9. Knowledge in Environment, Health and Safety standards in agricultural operations

10. Accuracy and consistency in performing daily tasks and maintaining notebooks and other records

11. Organized with ability to work well under pressure quickly resolve problems and meet daily production requirements.


Please contact us if you are interested.