Nuetech is proud to announce the launch of a new product

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Singapore – Nuetech is proud to announce the launch their new product – The SATURN M8RW 16W LED grow light.

The SATURN “High Bay” LED grow light has been designed, developed and built in-house by Nuetech. This is their second category of lighting product from the MERCURY series.

The SATURN LED grow light has been designed for different growing applications needs and is suitable for green houses, high ceiling indoor vertical farms, and plant growth with a higher PAR value to activate efficient photosynthesis activities, including plants with a thicker canopy requiring more power to penetrate and reach.

This low power consumption product helps in saving daily operational costs while reducing the carbon footprint. It has shown significant savings on electrical consumption. When compared to the HPS/HID (600W) it consumed less than 13 of the power required to produce >510µmoles per light fixture.

The SATURN LED grow light is a light weight product with a highly efficient heat sink design. When operated at ambient room temperature; Ta – 30°C/86°F, the device operating temperature will be maintained below 75°C/167°F, which has great advantages in ensuring the product life. The result of low heat generated by the light fixture will further contribute to bigger savings on cooling costs during operation.


Product Applications summary:

  • Green house and Indoor vertical farms
  • Crops with a thick canopy requiring light penetration
  • High density or large scale indoor farms with power supply constraints
  • Specific plants requiring high PAR for Photosynthesis