What’s Causing the Purple Haze Over Arizona? Lumigrow explains

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PRESS RELEASE – On Friday, January 15th, Navajo County posted a photo showing a mysterious pink glow over the night sky. Since this post, CNN, Fox News, USA Today, and others have picked up what is now the #purplehaze viral photo that has caused viewers to scratch their heads in disbelief.

Is it an alien spaceship, aerial borealis, or some solar eclipse? Actually, the glow was found to come from the led grow lights at Copperstate Farms’ 40-acre cannabis greenhouse in Snowflake, Arizona. The unique hue of the lights comes from a futuristic smart lighting technology by the company LumiGrow.

This beautiful phenomenon is actually a rare occasion due to the low-lying fog reflecting the light across the night sky. But the story gets really sci-fi once we see what’s going on inside of the marijuana greenhouse.

The futuristic smart lighting is being used to improve crop yields and quality, as well as to control the fundamental ways in which the plants grow. The led grow lights are wirelessly controlled to customize crop morphology and biochemistry for higher quality plant-based products.

On the LumiGrow website, those interested in the pink glow can actually take a tour inside of Copperstate Farms in the video tour below, but spoiler alert, Prince isn’t playing guitar with smoke billowing around them as some of you hoped.

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