VegBed Releases Update to Popular Bamboo Microgreens Mat

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VegBed increases mat weight and introduces their growing medium in roll form

The new Bamboo Fiber Microgreens Roll now offered in 10” x 400” (Photo: VegBed)

New York, NY – Sept 10, 2018, the leader in innovative hydroponic growing medium, announced they released updated versions of their popular bamboo fiber microgreen mats. The company has been working closely with microgreens farmers to help design the new product.

The mat weight has been increased from 160gsm to 200gsm to allow for even more water absorption. The normal 10” x 20” mat will be able to hold about 10X’s its weight in water. The new roll option now offers the bamboo fiber with dimensions of 10” x 400”, great for large scale farms.

“I am very excited to announce Version 2 of our product as well as the option to purchase the bamboo fiber as a roll. A lot of farmers have channels and different sized trays, so we created the roll to help accommodate the custom sizing. Now, our bamboo fiber microgreens mat will be able to work with a variety of systems”, says VegBed founder Albert Lin.

VegBed has been researching and producing easy to use, clean and innovative growing mediums for the hydroponic market since 2018. The company ships worldwide and works closely with farmers to help bring them solutions to their specific farm setups.


To learn more about VegBed growing mediums, future plans, or to book an interview, contact Albert Lin at (646)-247-1783 or email,, or visit the website at


About VegBed

VegBed provides the cleanest and easiest to use grow medium for hydroponic farms and other horticultural applications. We currently offer 3 products – foam grow cubes, bamboo fiber microgreen mats and a bamboo fiber microgreens roll.

VegBed can custom size their products for many application types – aeroponics, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, floating raft, vertical, flood & drain and many more. We work with commercial farms, hobby growers and are headquartered in New York, NY.

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