Urban Produce Now Under New Management

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Irvine, California

The landmark indoor vertical farm, Urban Produce, LLC is now under new management. Based in Irvine, California, Urban Produce previously grew micro greens, culinary herbs and wheat grass.

The primary focus of Urban Produce is now solely on growing USDA-certified organic wheat grass for the cold-pressed juice beverage industry.

Effective immediately, Urban Produce is under the leadership of Managing Members, Jim Nichols and Val Dodd, Head Grower Andres Ovalle, Production Manager, Ramiro Hernandez and General Manager, Jim Pantaleo.

Urban Produce is singularly focused on providing only the highest quality wheat grass to our customers while at the same time, establishing a new paradigm for the growing of USDA-certified organic produce indoors, in a controlled environment.


About Urban Produce:
Established in 2014, the primary crop is USDA certified organic wheat grass grown under LED lights in a controlled environment which is harvested every eight days. ZERO pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used in the growing process. Water usage is at least 90% less than open field farming, and based on the vertical grow structure, the equivalent yield of 16 acres of produce can be grown in one-eighth of an acre footprint.
For more information, please contact Jim Pantaleo, General Manager, at 760-895-7265, jimpantaleo@urbanproduce.com


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