‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ releases second episode

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Wageningen University & Research –  The second episode of the ‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ is airing on 8 March 2022, accessible on accessible on PodBean channel. This five-episode podcast series explores the world of urban farming through the lenses of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3, an international student competition organised by Wageningen University & Research.

After an engaging first episode, the ‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ returns with its lens turned to sustainable urban development.Three prominent women within this sector will draw examples from their fruitful careers to explore opportunities and challenges in realising urban farming projects all over the world. 

Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva, initiator of the Sustainable Urban Delta programme and one of the Inspiring Fifty The Netherlands will share her vision on sustainable urban development and reflect on the role that urban farming can play in the future. To support her point, Manila de Iuliis, Chief Urban Development Officer of World of Walas will present already existing examples of integrating food production into urban infrastructure. Finally, Tiffany Tsui, CSO of Vertical Farm Institute will discuss the most important considerations related to current regulatory context. Hosts Renee Snijders and Ed Smith will facilitate discussion on the financial feasibility of urban farming and the role that various actors can play.

Stay tuned for a thought provoking discussion powered by EatThis and WUR Student Challenges!

Link to listen to/ download the episode

What is the ‘Urban Greenhouse Challenge #3’?

The Urban Greenhouse Challenge is an international student competition that aims to catalyse innovation in urban farming. The third edition of the Challenge focuses on creating an urban farm concept that ensures year-round sustainable and affordable food production while also generating income for the local residents of Ward 7, a neighbourhood in Washington DC, USA. Read more about the Urban Greenhouse Challenge.

About WUR Student Challenges:

Wageningen University & Research organises Challenges for students worldwide and supports WUR teams that participate in student competitions via WUR Student Challenges. These challenges pose a unique and enriching opportunity for students to work on real-life problems and to make a difference. Find out more about the opportunities for both students and sponsoring enterprises.

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