The world’s smartest greenhouse and high bay grow light is now available with a “Hybrid” enriched white spectrum.

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Press ReleaseEmeryville, California — LumiGrow today announced the release of their TopLight Hybrid smart fixture.  The LumiGrow Hybrid spectrum is an enriched white spectrum that takes the best of HPS and metal-halide strategies and improves upon them by boosting the red and blue. The Hybrid spectrum was designed for growers that want to grow the way they’re used to, without the high energy bill.

The TopLight Hybrid model has improved light output at a powerful 1650 µmol/s.  The smart fixture is built with a rugged IP67-rating and is fully dimmable and wirelessly controlled through the LumiGrow software named smartPARTM.  Growers who add smartPARTM for commercial grow light management can control fixtures across multiple production bays cheaply, adjust fixture outputs, and track power usage to save even more on electrical costs.

Greenhouse growers will also be happy to find that the new TopLight Hybrid model integrates with LumiGrow Light Sensors, an award-winning technology that challenges the notion that not all days can be sunny days.  Using artificial intelligence to measure sunlight and automatically adjust the LumiGrow fixtures, growers can easily deliver the ideal amount of light to their crops every day of the year.

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About LumiGrow

LumiGrow revolutionized horticulture in 2008 with the introduction of the first smart LED grow lights in North America.  Today, LumiGrow leads the world forward in grow light innovation with their TopLight and BarLight smart fixtures designed to maximize a growers’ profits.  The LumiGrow lights are wirelessly controlled by their smartPAR software to optimize yield, quality, and custom plant traits.  LumiGrow lights can be fine-tuned for greenhouse environments by pairing with their award-winning smartPAR Light Sensor to ensure consistent crop production year-round at the lowest energy cost.

LumiGrow has the largest install-base of smart LED grow lights in North America with installations worldwide.  For more information about LumiGrow, please see

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