The Ohio State University offers workshop on Greenhouse Management

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The Ohio State University


Dynamic Growing

January 25-26, 2024

Shisler Center, OSU Wooster Campus

– in-person and virtual options –

Fundamentals plus advanced sessions on controlling greenhouse climate conditions to optimize crop quality. Sessions include:

–          Plant nutrition and monitoring for dynamic growing

–          Plant response to aerial environmental conditions

–          Dynamic environmental set points

–          Dynamic CO2 and supplemental lighting control

–          Plus, greenhouse tours

–          And, more!

Speakers: Paul Arena (Svensson); Dr. Luis Canas (OSU); Dr. Kale Harbick (USDA); Dr. Chieri Kubota (OSU); Dr. Peter Ling (OSU); Dr. Garrett Owen (OSU); Dr. Ketut Putra (Koidra): Rose Seguin (Sollum Technologies); Dr. David Story (Ridder Corp.); Dr. Francesca Rotondo (OSU); Dr. Jan Westra (Priva)

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