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Osmo Systems, Inc., a hydroponic monitoring company based in Berkeley, California, is launching a pre-sale on Kickstarter of their flagship monitor, OsmoBot Hydro. Starting at $450, OsmoBot Hydro continuously monitors eight parameters (pH, EC/TDS, water temperature, water level, air temperature, relative humidity, lux, and PAR), uploading the readings to the cloud. Users can log into a browser-based dashboard to get a system overview, look at historical data of a specific parameter, and set text/email alerts if any parameter goes too high or low. Osmo Systems is also offering advanced sales of their patent-pending dissolved oxygen and ammonia sensor. Relying upon optical sensing technology, this sensor system can plug into OsmoBot Hydro, and will continuously monitor dissolved oxygen and ammonia. Packages with OsmoBot Hydro and the dissolved oxygen and ammonia sensors start at $550.


From June – October, 2016 Osmo Systems shipped over 60 OsmoBot Hydros to beta testers both in the United States and internationally. These testers included universities, commercial greenhouses, and hobbyists, and were a mix of hydroponic, aeroponic, and aquaponic systems. Reviews and testimonials from the beta test can be seen on Osmo Systems’ Kickstarter campaign.


With a projected retail price of $600, OsmoBot Hydro’s are being offered at a discount for the month of November, 2016. A limited number of units will be available for $450, with the general price being $550. Units with dissolved oxygen and ammonia sensors start at $550, with the general price being $650. Units can be ordered through Osmo Systems’ Kickstarter campaign here.



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