New videos on light units for plant growth from UF/IFAS Extension Greenhouse Training Online

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Every modern grower needs to speak the language of lighting, in terms of light spectrum, intensity, photoperiod, and daily light integral. The University of Florida IFAS Extension has developed short and simple videos in English and Spanish (“Four Key Concepts of Lighting” / “Cuatro Conceptos Clave de Iluminación de Plantas”) on its YouTube channel ( to explain these concepts.

With the rapid adoption of LED lighting by the horticulture industry, there is increasing need for growers to understand technical aspects of lighting. This can help them decide on how to purchase the correct type of lighting product and manage light levels for optimum growth.

Dr. Paul Fisher of UF/IFAS Extension explained that light units can be confusing for plant growers, because we describe light in terms of color and visibility to the human eye, and energy that heats up the greenhouse, as well as photosynthesis. “Just u sing foot-candles and lux does not cut it anymore. If you understand lighting terms, you can make better decisions about purchasing and managing lights and can effectively use the new research coming out of universities and industry.”

The videos are training materials in the Greenhouse Training Online courses for growers in greenhouse management, including Greenhouse 101 and Hydroponic Vegetable Production ( More videos are set to be released in the coming weeks. For more information, email

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