New episode of the Urban Greenhouse Talks with the community of Ward 7, Washington D.C.

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Wageningen University & Research –  9 June 2022 sees the arrival of the fourth episode of the ‘Urban Greenhouse Talks’ on Podbean channel. This five-episode podcast series explores the world of urban farming through the lenses of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3, an international student competition organised by Wageningen University & Research.

Eight months after 30 international student teams signed up to design a new urban farm for the local community of Ward 7, Washington DC, we now get ready to announce the ten finalists of the Urban Greenhouse Challenge#3. Did the teams manage to consider the social impact of their designs, and is the local community responsive to their efforts? 

In this podcast, we discover what the community really needs and how the student submissions have lived up to that challenge. Neighbourhood Commissioner Antawan Holmes, President of Deanwood Citizens Association Jimell Sanders together with two representatives of the University of the District of Columbia, prof Kathy Dixon and Eric Harris, paint a picture of Ward 7 and the ‘food apartheid’ situation. Together, they emphasise the need for inclusive design, and the transfer of knowledge between academia, private sector, and the local communities.

Hosts Renee Snijders and Ed Smit from Eat This end this episode with a shimmer of hope towards finding what it takes to make the urban greenhouse dreams come true for Ward 7 residents. Tune in to hear how a food oppressed community receives ambitious student projects to revolutionise urban food production!

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What is the ‘Urban Greenhouse Challenge #3’?

The ‘Urban Greenhouse Challenge’ is an international student competition that aims to catalyse innovation in the realm of urban farming. The third edition of the Challenge focuses on creating an urban farm concept that ensures year-round sustainable and affordable food production, but also generates incomes for the local residents of Ward 7, a neighbourhood in Washington DC, USA. Find out more:

About WUR Student Challenges:

Wageningen University & Research organises Challenges for students worldwide and supports WUR teams that participate in student competitions via WUR Student Challenges. These challenges pose a unique and enriching opportunity for students to work on real-life problems and make a difference. Visit the WUR Student Challenges website to find out which opportunities are there for students or sponsoring enterprises.

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