New AVF whitepaper now available for download

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You can download it for free via the AVF website.

“Our food system is broken. It’s causing the destruction of soil, it’s driving the loss of biodiversity, and it’s the number one driver of climate change.””This is about showcasing that there is no one solution, but we need to change the current food system if we want to create a safe operating space for our species within the planetary boundaries.” This report is an in-depth look at our industry as it stands today, and the sustainable solutions vertical farming offers in the context of the planetary boundaries and the new food system. HUGE congratulations to the author, Thea Otto, and her team of co-authors and editors.

Special thanks also goes out to Agrilution, who sponsored and supported the project, and all the other companies who contributed:

Fork Farms
Square Roots
Hoogendoorn Growth Management
IGS Limited
Intravision Group AS
Seven Steps To Heaven
Fluence Bioengineering
Logiqs B.V.
Gonvarri Material Handling
Stacked Farm

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