Moleaer launches the Bloom™ nanobubble generator

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Revol Greens enhances irrigation water with nanobubble technology

Press Release – Los Angeles, Calif. – March 5, 2019 – Moleaer Inc., the leading manufacturer of industrial-scale nanobubble generators, expands its innovative product line with the new Bloom™ nanobubble generator. The patent-pending Bloom, designed specifically for horticulture, is the most effective technology available to unlock the full potential of oxygen to improve crop production.

The Bloom produces trillions of charged nanobubbles, ~80nm in size, dissolving oxygen with greater than 90% efficiency. Moleaer’s nanobubbles remain in suspension after saturation, creating a reserve of available oxygen in the water. Oxygen nanobubbles combined with elevated dissolved oxygen (DO) improve water quality, increase nutrient absorption, and mitigate disease. Installed in over 40 greenhouses, Moleaer’s nanobubble technology has consistently delivered shorter cultivation times and increased crop yields.

Created specifically for commercial greenhouses, the simple-to-install Bloom is available in 25, 50, and 150-gallon-per-minute flow rates. A more advanced version, the Bloom IQ, features an integrated dissolved oxygen monitoring sensor and smart controller for programable operation and integration with climate control systems.

“We are thrilled with the results we have seen at our Revol Greens greenhouse since installing the Moleaer system,” said Steve Amundson, head grower and early adopter of Moleaer’s nanobubble technology. “The systems’ ability to help manage Pythium in water while promoting plant growth is substantial to our bottom line. The 12% improvement in our crop yield was very surprising. This technology has demonstrated to us that it should and will be standardized into our current facility and the 3-hectare expansion we are doing this year.”

“Through rapid adoption of our technology within the Horticulture market and the value it creates, it became clear we needed to develop a nanobubble solution tailored towards the needs of growers,” said Warren Russell, Chief Commercial Officer at Moleaer. “The Bloom is designed specifically for commercial greenhouses, and we take great pride in helping horticulturists around the world grow crops more efficiently and cost-effectively using our advanced nanobubble technology.

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About Moleaer
Moleaer™(Latin for tiny air) develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes, enabling a radical change in the economics of indoor farming, metal separation, wastewater treatment and oil recovery. The unique properties of nanobubbles enable farmers to grow more food, oil and mining companies to recover more valuable resources, and industries to treat water using less energy and chemicals. Moleaer’s plug-and-play nanobubble generators are the most efficient gas injection technology available to dissolve virtually any gas into any liquid. The systems produce trillions of nanobubbles, <200nm in size, providing more than 200-times the interfacial surface area of conventional ultra-fine micro bubbles. Moleaer nanobubble generators transfer gas with greater than 90% efficiency by forming nanobubbles that remain suspended in water, creating a reserve of available gas. These simple to install systems enable customers to rapidly improve their existing processes with minimal effort. Moleaer is headquartered in Torrance (Los Angeles), California (USA). For more information, visit

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  1. Can i use for irrigation of cereal crops without drip ie normal irrigation
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