LumiGrow Launches BarLight™ Smart LED Grow Lights for Optimal Vertical Cannabis Production at the Lowest Cost

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BarLight is designed for exceptional cannabis performance, maximum profits and custom biochemical development.  The vertical smart fixtures come with LumiGrow EasyRailTM technology for seamless vertical rack integration.

Press Release — Emeryville, California  — LumiGrow announced today the release of their vertical grow light solutions designed to create your most profitable high-density cultivation yet.

“Our newest BarLight Series is precision built for high-yield cannabis growth and commercial extraction,” said Jay Albere, LumiGrow CEO.  “Growers have been patient for LumiGrow to release a vertical cannabis solution – and we’re proud to announce this addition to our award-winning products.  We’re bringing over 10 years of grow light innovation into this one and there’s nothing else like it on the market.”

The BarLight smart fixtures allow growers to build their own high-density lighting environment for any growth stage.  One LumiGrow EasyRail mount supports either one or two BarLight fixtures spread over a 4’ by 8’ vertical rack.  This flexibility is cheaper to deploy than the leading vertical cannabis solutions, reducing the amount of equipment required for full cycle production.

BarLight comes in two spectrum options for white or pink light and uses patented wireless control technology to adjust the LEDs for custom plant development.

“LumiGrow smart fixtures already have proven ability to increase quality and improve biochemical profiles,” said Jay,  “We’re introducing the next generation of lighting to vertical cannabis cultivation, built for creating a successful cannabis business at any scale.”

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About LumiGrow

LumiGrow revolutionized horticulture in 2008 with the introduction of the first smart LED grow lights in North America.  Today, LumiGrow leads the world forward in grow light innovation with their TopLight and BarLight smart fixtures designed to maximize a growers’ profits.  The LumiGrow lights are wirelessly controlled by their smartPAR software to optimize yield, quality, and custom plant traits.  LumiGrow lights can be fine-tuned for greenhouse environments by pairing with their award-winning smartPAR Light Sensor to ensure consistent crop production year-round at the lowest energy cost.

LumiGrow has the largest install-base of smart LED grow lights in North America with installations worldwide.  For more information about LumiGrow, please see

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