Local by Atta rebuilds vertical farm with GE LEDs after devastating fire

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Hort Americas has conducted a new case study with Local by Atta.

Local by Atta — located inMoncton, New Brunswick, Canada — produces a variety of lettuces, basil, kale, Swiss chard, bok choy, cilantro and microgreens. Products are sold at farmers markets, health food stores, grocery stores, restaurants and through a weekly basket program. The basket program is expected to increase sales as the company looks to expand with pick up at local businesses, municipal buildings and its new production facility.

A fire in January 2016 destroyed the interior of the building including $10,000 worth of crops that had just been planted.

They are now using the GE Arize Lynk LED Growing System.

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The Local by Atta team (from left to right) includes: Brandon Petitpas, assistant farmer; Jesse Howatt, co-founder and farmer; Nick Barron, assistant farmer; Julian Howatt, co-founder and farmer, and Svitlana Rastovska, assistant farmer.

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