IUNU Launches Brand Identity Refresh as it Continues Rapid Expansion

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Seattle, Washington, March 1, 2022— IUNU today announced a brand refresh to coincide with the company’s rapid expansion.

IUNU recently completed acquisitions of Artemis, the leading cultivation management platform in the greenhouse and vertical farming industries, and CropWalk, an independent, third-party integrated pest management (IPM) consulting firm. Both of these offerings will be integrated fully into IUNU’s offerings under new names.

The LUNA Platform is the most advanced technology platform in horticulture. Artemis will join LUNAAI, IUNU’s core computer vision and artificial intelligence system, as a part of the LUNA Platform under the new name LUNA CMP (cultivation management platform). LUNA CMP is a software platform designed to increase accountability and visibility of an operation by managing all cultivation processes in one place, leading to more accurate sales forecasts and better operational efficiency. Adding LUNA CMP to the LUNA Platform allows growers the opportunity to fully integrate LUNA CMP and LUNAAI systems.

CropWalk is now part of IUNU Advisor, the company’s team of expert horticulturalists who specialize in working with growers to reduce current and future operational risk. With Advisor, growers can evaluate current processes, create plans for the future, and train their team on best practices related to cultivation. The company currently offers support in the areas of plant physiology, irrigation, climate control, food safety and compliance, IPM, and plant nutrition to growers using LUNA Platform.

“This new brand represents the future of IUNU. We are continuing to see massive adoption of our LUNA Platform products in the largest and most successful greenhouses. We’ve expanded our team by 20% this quarter, adding several key hires to keep up with the market demand. Integrating and expanding our offerings is another way for us to better serve our growers, making it incredibly easy for growers to drive value across their entire operation,” said Allison Kopf, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Data Products at IUNU.

Brand Refresh Updates

  • The company name iUNU is now IUNU.
  • The company’s core product LUNA is now LUNAAI and is part of the LUNA
  • Artemis cultivation management platform (CMP) is now LUNA CMP and is part of the LUNA Platform.
  • CropWalk is now Advisor and will expand the expertise of the IUNU horticultural team to include integrated pest management specialists and vine crop specialists.

The company is also revealing a new visual identity with new company and product logos today.

The new company website will launch soon.

About IUNU
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Seattle, iUNU aims to close the loop in greenhouse
autonomy and is focused on being the world’s leading controlled environment specialist. IUNU’s
flagship LUNA Platform combines cultivation management software with LUNA AI, a computer
vision and artificial intelligence system. This allows growers to keep track of the minutiae of
plant growth and health in indoor ag settings. IUNU’s goal is to turn commercial greenhouses
into precise, predictable, demand-based manufacturers that optimize yield, labor, and product
quality. www.iunu.com

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