Illumitex Launches NeoPAR-XO LED for Vertical Farming with 1820 PPF Output and FarmVision AI

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Illumitex upgrades it’s popular grow-proven NeoPAR LED lighting system for vertical-farming to record performance levels and adds FarmVisionAI™ to see every plant, from anywhere, at anytime.

[Press Release – Austin, Texas] Illumitex, a leader in LED Grow Lights and Digital Ag, announces NeoPARTM XO, a major upgrade to their grow proven NeoPAR LED lighting system designed for vertical agricultural systems. The new NeoPAR XO is a major leap forward in lighting performance and brings the benefits of Illumitex’s horticulturist-curated artificial-intelligent machine-learning FarmVisionAI to the difficult task of vertical farming. 

NeoPAR XO takes Illumitex’s proven LED platform to the highest output commercially available at 1820 μmol/sec with an efficiency of 2.6 μmol/J. The system comes available with a wide range of features, highlighted below, that enable easy, worry-free vertical farming at the largest, densest scales. The high efficiency and low maintenance deliver the dream of profitable and sustainable urban farming ecosystems. 

NeoPAR XOFarmVisionAI
1820.5 mmol/s• Hi-Resolution Imaging
2.6 mmol/J • 3 glass-lens options
Full Spectrum plus Far Red• Multi-terabyte on site
Daisy Chain or hardwired• Security at Depth
5-year warranty• Farmer owned data
Dim-to-off• FarmWatch™
UL Wet rated, IP65• Digital Scout™

The new NeoPAR XO LED platform goes a step further in performance and capabilities with a native FarmVisionAI integration option. FarmVisionAI gives farmers “peace of mind” with integrated cameras and cloud-based AI that allows them to see any plant, at any level, from anywhere, at any time. FarmWatchTM is the visualization platform allowing you to see every plant on your farm at scale. Digital ScoutTM is the artificial intelligence that is trained to detect nutrition deficiencies, canopy density, and flower counts. “FarmVisionAI for vertical growing is absolutely essential in managing the added complexity of vertical systems,” says Dennis Riling VP of Business Development at Illumitex. “Our DigitalScout can detect biotic and/or abiotic anomalies early in the grow cycle to prevent loss and help improve quality.”

To learn more come see Illumitex at the Canadian greenhouse conference October 9 & 10 in Niagara Falls ON, Canada. If you can’t make the show look us up at to learn more about LED lighting for horticulture and digital transformation of agriculture. 

About Illumitex, Inc.: Illumitex is breaking the boundaries of traditional lighting by combining LED light fixtures with hi-res cameras and cloud-based horticulturist-curated artificial intelligence to deliver radically new value to growers and farmers. With more than a decade of experience in both LED lighting and horticultural science, an absolute dedication to quality and performance, and knowledgeable support for the success of every customer, grow and crop – Illumitex, Inc. is the optimum partner for your greenhouse, vertical farm or any indoor grow initiative.

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