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Moleaer seeks Horticulture Market Manager

MoleaerTM is an American-based nanobubble technology company with a mission to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect water, food, and natural resources. Moleaer established the nanobubble industry in the U.S. by developing the first nanobubble generator that can perform cost-effectively at municipal and industrial scale. Through partnerships with universities, Moleaer has proven that nanobubbles can solve complex industrial challenges in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, wastewater, aquatic management, and resource recovery. Moleaer has deployed nanobubble generators at more than 350 customer sites worldwide in 32 countries on six continents since 2016. To learn more, visit: www.Moleaer.com

The company’s mission is to unlock the full potential of nanobubbles to enhance and protect our water, food, and natural resources.

About Nanobubbles and impact on Horticulture:

Nanobubbles are invisible to the naked eye, 2500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt. Nanobubbles remain suspended in water for long periods of time, acting like a battery that delivers oxygen continuously to the entire body of water. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles diffuse more oxygen into solution, sustaining the level of dissolved oxygen. Moleaer provides the highest proven oxygen transfer rate in the aeration and gas infusion industry, with an efficiency of over 85 percent per foot of water (Michael Stenstrom, UCLA, 2017).

Moleaer nanobubbles efficiently enhance water in multiple stages of the growth cycle. Nanobubble enriched water has been proven to improve water quality and soil, root, and plant health while lowering treatment and oxygen costs. Many growers have also experienced increases in yield.

  • Improved Water Quality
    • Algae reduction in source water
    • Reduced Pythium levels
    • Metal oxidation
    • Reduced reliance on chemical treatments
    • Reduction of biofilm in irrigation pipes
    • Increased dissolved oxygen in water with nearly perfect gas transfer
    • to reduce oxygen costs
  • Root, Soil & Plant Health
    • Healthier root development
    • Increased nutrient uptake
    • Improved water retention in soil
    • Improved vegetative growth
    • Larger fruit size and yield

About the Role:

Moleaer is currently seeking a Horticulture Market Manager. This position will oversee the global horticulture strategy and execution, including all R&D, marketing, and sales. The Horticulture Market Manager will report directly to the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development. 

Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee global all sales efforts commercial strategy and P&L of in horticulture businesssector 
  2. Oversee all marketing efforts for Horticulture
  3. Identify and develop critical assets necessary for Moleaer’s growth in Horticulture including product development roadmap
  4. Manage Moleaer’s global expansion in horticulture
  5. Manage Horticulture dedicated Inside Sales Reps
  6. Liaison with Geo-based Business Development managersregional sales teams and provide guidance on how to succeed in horticulture segment
  7. Build Relationships with Greenhouse construction and consulting companies
  8. Directly manage multinational distributors 
  9. Update and manage all Horticulture Case Studies
  10. Oversee IP development and abstracts
  11. Oversee knowledge library of Moleaer impact on Horticulture


  • 105+ years experience in agriculture / horticulture 
  • Bachelor’s Degree (major in agronomy, biology, plant physiology, chemistry preferred) 
  • Traditional agronomy / horticultural education. Need to have a strong fundamental knowledge of agronomy and plant physiology. 
  • Experience selling systems, equipment, or chemicals into greenhouses
  • Extensive Marketing and Sales ExperienceSuccessful track record of commercializing products or technology in horticulture
  • Experience selling systems, equipment, or chemicals into greenhouses
  • Experience with global Horticulture Market including North America, Europe, LatAm, and MENA
  • Past experience managing distributors
  • Bachelor’s Degree from a leading American University – preferably has a degree from the likes of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, UC Davis, Texas A&M, ASU, or Cornell agriculture programs.
  • Fluent in English (spoken and written)
  • Proficient in Spanish a plus (spoken and written)
  • Lives on the West Coast (ideally in California)
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills  

How to Apply:

Please send a resume and cover letter to Josh@Moleaer.com by August 9, 2020.

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