Grodan launches the award-winning e-Gro software platform in North America

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Empowering growers to make data-driven decisions for peak crop performance

Press ReleaseGrodan, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, has now launched e-Gro in the North American market. E-Gro is the ultimate software platform for data-driven Precision Growing, giving growers smarter insights into the greenhouse, allowing them to fully optimize cultivation. E-Gro was officially launched in the Netherlands during the HortiContact trade show in February of 2019 and was awarded the Concept Innovation Award at GreenTech in June 2019.

The more you know, the better you grow

In the greenhouse, the decisions you make today have a major impact on tomorrow’s results. Smart innovations like cloud solutions and Internet of Things applications are connecting the greenhouse, while AI learning and Big Data are allowing growers to level-up their cultivation. But, merging all these available tools and data to support decision-making is complex and time consuming. That is, until now. After the successful introduction of the e-Gro app, Grodan is taking the next digital step with the e-Gro software platform. e-Gro supports a grower’s knowledge, experience and growing strategy with valuable insights and smart recommendations based on the root zone, climate, crop and harvest data. Growers are in control, with 24/7 visibility into the greenhouse environment, anywhere and everywhere, empowering them to make informed decisions to maximize their harvest. 

Digital transformation in the greenhouse

With the e-Gro launch, Grodan is now at the forefront of the digital greenhouse transformation worldwide: data-driven cultivation via an intelligent software platform is now becoming a reality. E-Gro can be linked to the most common climate computer systems and is available for both smartphone, tablet and desktop.

Grodan has been at the forefront of crop optimization for 50 years, with a strong focus on precision cultivation, leading to greater efficiency, improved cultivation strategy and less impact on the environment. After the development and successful introduction of data-driven technologies in the greenhouse such as the Grodan Water Content Meter (WCM), the Grodan 6-Phase advice model and GroSens MultiSensor, the renewed e-Gro platform is the next step in data-driven Precision Growing. With e-Gro, Grodan is committed to further increasing the sustainability of the cultivation process.

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