Green Sense Farms to Convert Portage Farm to R&D

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Green Sense Farms is transforming its Portage, Indiana farm into a state-of-the art research and development center to advance its indoor vertical growing systems and test new cultivars.  It will test LED horticultural lighting, HVAC systems, automation controls and sensing devices, along with modern conveyance and packaging automation equipment, announced Robert Colangelo, CEO and Founding Farmer of Green Sense Farms. “We continue to discover so many opportunities to pioneer new techniques in vertical farming. We’re committed to pushing the envelope to learn how best to efficiently grow nutritious food in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner,” he said.


The R&D center will also be dedicated to testing new cultivars for vegetable production, and to test what botanicals can be grown indoors for nutraceuticals, and medical/biopharmaceutical production.  In addition to the R&D Center in Portage, Green Sense Farms has several new farms in development worldwide, including a working commercial farm and training center in South Bend, Indiana where students will earn while they learn; and a commercial production farm in Las Vegas dedicated to providing fresh greens to the Las Vegas Strip. Green Sense Farms also licenses its technology and builds farms for operating partners abroad, including farms in China and an upcoming project in the South Pacific.


“It’s exciting to be leading the way in a new industry. Our facility in the Midwest is an ideal spot to test emerging technologies for cold weather climates and farms in Las Vegas and the South Pacific allow us to perfect our climate control systems to cost effectively grow both in arid and humid climates. With our extensive network of industry and academic contacts we can continue to advance the industry. As long as there’s a need for locally grown, nutritious and sustainable food sources, Green Sense Farms will continue to innovate to be a market leader,” said Colangelo.

Green Sense Farms’ innovative indoor, vertical growing system means their farms can grow 365 days per year, creating perfect growing conditions, without using pesticides, or GMO seeds. Popular Science recently named Green Sense Farms to its list of the year’s 100 Greatest Inventions for the farm’s innovative sustainable farming. For more information about Green Sense Farms, visit or contact Robert Colangelo at

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