GE Current, a Daintree company unveils broad spectrum offering at MJBizCon 2019

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GE Current, a Daintree company recently unveiled its all-new broad spectrum offerings. The news is being featured as part of Current’s exhibit (#C8445) at the Marijuana Business Conference, where Current is showcasing the Arize™ Element L1000 top light, a one-for-one LED replacement for double-ended 1000-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. 

The Arize™ Element is the most advanced, flexible greenhouse grow light on the market. Current worked closely with its customers to design a top light with efficacy levels up to 3.5 micromoles per joule—the most efficient grow light on the market—that supports universal installation, enabling growers to grow more and consume less in any region. 

“We’ve developed our spectrum offerings based on trials conducted with growers across the globe, developing solutions with their unique needs in mind,” said Bruno D’Amico, product manager at Current. 

BDS Analytics predicts the cannabis industry will be worth $40.6 billion by 2024. As the sector grows, LED technology will be integral to profits not only through increasing energy efficiency, but also in helping growers produce consistent crop yields, grow year-round and customize products.

Current’s unique partnership with Hort Americas, their sole horticultural and cannabis* lighting distributor, enables close collaboration on the development of lighting solutions that improve growth and save energy. New Frontier Data estimates total electricity demand from legal marijuana cultivation in the United States alone is estimated to rise 162 percent between 2017 and 2022. 

According to Hort Americas’ general manager, Chris Higgins, “Whether it be a vertical farm, a single layer indoor farm, a greenhouse or a tissue culture facility, the advantages of controlled environment agriculture are clear: more uniformity, more consistency and higher quality, 365 days per year. North American growers are already seeing the benefits of the L1000 LED grow light from Current. Its light intensity increases production through better uniformity and higher light levels, while using fewer fixtures.”

Current and Hort Americas will continue working in close collaboration, combining advanced LED expertise with expert market understanding, to propel the industry forward by delivering the most effective and efficient growing solutions.

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About GE Current, a Daintree company
Current is the digital engine for intelligent environments. The company blends advanced LED technology with networked sensors and software to make commercial buildings, retail stores, industrial facilities and cities more energy efficient & productive. Backed by a broad ecosystem of technology partners, Current is helping businesses and cities unlock hidden value and realize the potential of their environments. 

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