Denver-based Hydropods, Inc. Now Shipping Line of Connected Grow Controllers and Sensor Modules

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DENVER, CO – Hydropods, Inc. has announced that the Hydropods Environment Controller and Hydropods Nutrient Controller are now shipping to customers. These cloud-based Wi-Fi Controllers enable growers to see, monitor and control a grow operation from anywhere using their Smartphone. They are designed for use in at-home hydroponics and for small to medium-sized greenhouse and indoor agriculture growers.


The Hydropods Environment Controller monitors humidity, temperature, and CO2. With two included Remote Power Blocks, it can wirelessly control two devices, such as lighting, air conditioning, humidifier, or an exhaust fan. The system can be expanded with additional modules available from Hydropods, including cameras, remote temperature/humidity sensors, and additional Power Blocks.

The Hydropods Nutrient Controller provides monitoring of the hydroponic feed system, measuring nutrient levels, pH, temperature, and water level of a reservoir tank. With the optional Hydropods Peristaltic Pump Modules, the Nutrient Controller can maintain pH and nutrient levels automatically. With Remote Power Blocks, it can maintain water levels and control irrigation pumps and other external devices.

The Hydropods App, available in the Apple App store and Google Play, connects to the Hydropods Controllers and allows users to monitor sensor data in real time, view real-time video, and control any connected devices. Users can set up rules including sensor triggers, timers, and schedules to automate the grow process. The App will also provide access to a social network for users to share tips and pictures of their plants.

“The final product looks beautiful,” says Ted Tanner, CEO of Hydropods. “After over a year of development and testing, we’re confident the product will deliver a great customer experience.”

The Hydropods Nutrient and Environment Controllers are available at http://www.hydropods.com.


About Hydropods, Inc.
The Denver-based company focuses on creating well-designed, tightly integrated hardware and software. Hydropods’ mission is to make hydroponic growing easy for everyone.