Current Extends Horticulture Range with New, High-intensity Arize® Element Top Lighting

Industry News
  • New L1000 model offers high, 2600µmol/s output
  • 3600µmol/s Arize Element® L2000 for higher yields and optimized retrofits
  • Expanded range to offer customers greater flexibility and choice

CLEVELAND, OH – 28 February, 2022 – GE Current, a Daintree company has today
unveiled two new, high-efficiency, high-performance members of its Arize Element family. The
latest L1000 model offers an increased maximum output of up to 2600µmol/s adding a new
option to the existing L1000 portfolio, which already features efficacy-oriented models offering
up to 3.6µmol/J. With the all-new, 3600µmol/s Arize Element L2000, Current is offering
growers more choice than ever before when designing the optimal lighting plan for their
greenhouse operations.

Following the same design as the Arize Element L1000 Next-Gen, with an ultra-slim form
factor, a choice of eight tailored light spectra and Current’s proprietary XW Optic to ensure
uniform light dispersion across a wider area, the new L1000 model is designed as a 1:1
replacement for HPS fixtures, boosting productivity and reducing energy costs. The L2000
consumes 1000W, and its next-gen XW optic spreads light even wider than the L1000, further
reducing fixture count and increasing yields in HPS retrofit applications.

Bruno D’Amico, Global Product Manager for Horticulture Lighting at Current explains the
rationale for the expanded Arize Element range, “Every greenhouse operation is different, with
different production considerations and priorities. When our product experts, plant scientists
and lighting designers tackle a new project, they account for every potential variable to develop
the lighting plan that will deliver the best possible results for the customer. Challenges could
range from cost control or boosting productivity to a completely different goal. With these new
high-performance models, our aim is to give customers greater control over the balance they
strike between the variables that are most important to them.”

For more information on the full Arize Element portfolio, as well as Current’s complete range of
horticultural lighting solutions, from HPS to LED, please visit

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