Check Out FFAR’s 2018 Annual Report: Transforming Agriculture’s Future

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Press Release – The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research’s (FFAR) 2018 Annual Report outlines the organization’s success in building strategic public-private partnerships, funding transformative research and supporting the next-generation of researchers.

FFAR funded a wide-range of groundbreaking projects in 2018 that address agriculture challenges ranging from methane emissions in cattle to computational modeling of food access. FFAR also developed several scientific programs that focus on a variety of food and agriculture challenges, including exploring the complexity of food system interventions, improving animal welfare and stimulating innovative aquaculture research.

In 2018, FFAR awarded more than 50 grants, totaling over $32 million in FFAR award funding and related support costs. The Foundation collaborated with more than 200 industry, philanthropic and nonprofit partners. These partnerships provided a combined investment of over $60 million to groundbreaking research that is transforming food and agriculture systems.

FFAR is excited about our progress and welcomes your partnership as we continue to explore new frontiers in food and agriculture research.

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