Casting Call For All Early Stage Indoor Farmers: Transform your indoor farm!

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Media, PA – The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture, a U.S. based  company that supports the growth and development of the vertical and indoor farming industry,  is partnering with a leading television and network production company, ITV, which is making a  documentary series on indoor farmers. The show will follow the stories of American farmers  who are in need of a farm transformation. 

That means if you own a greenhouse, indoor vertical farm, urban farm, aquaponics facility,  mushroom farm or similar farm in the NYC and Philadelphia metro areas, you may be  eligible to apply for this casting call for aspiring early-stage farmers. The winner will be  featured on network television in a series that shows the successful transformation of the farm. 

More Info: To apply and obtain more information on the requirements, please go to: 

About the Center 

The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture provides insights about the economics of indoor  farming based on a careful analysis of industry data and from thought leaders in industry and  academia. As the first U.S.-based Center of Excellence dedicated to indoor farming, it promotes  best practices, bench-marking, networking, knowledge development and research. Its annual  Best in Class Indoor Farming Awards (TM) recognize top indoor growers and manufacturers.  The Center is located in the Philadelphia metro region.

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