AVF Elects New Board, January 2022

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On 11th Jan, the AVF convened for their 2022 AGM. As we said goodbye to 2021 the tenure of our amazing board who have led the AVF for the last two years also came to an end. The AVF is grateful to Christine Zimmermann, Joel Culleo and Ramin Ebrahimnejad for their leadership that has led to immense growth and the achievement of many major milestones in the AVF journey so far.

The AVF are delighted as well as excited to announce that Christine and Joel stood again for election this year and they are not going anywhere. Christine has been re-elected with a resounding windfall as Chairwomen and Joel as Vice-Chair.

Ramin, who has been such a great asset, has stepped down from his Vice -Chair position. He has contributed so much, given invaluable insights, and brought to the AVF his experience and time. Ramin thank you for rolling up your sleeves and jumping in. But this is not goodbye, you are an important part of our collective and the AVF journey as we move forward.

Please join us in welcoming Marc Juárez Nicolau of Soul Semiconductors as the AVF’s second Co-Chair. Marc is a well known and loved member of the AVF community. He has been involved in AVF initiatives for some time already. Notably he was part of the R&D team that has been busy in the AVF lab growing saffron in the middle of winter in Europe.

Marc brings so much to the AVF. He is an Electrical Engineer (so important to our industry) and is the Technical and Marketing Director at Seoul Semiconductor, Europe. His core competencies include engineering, lighting, R&D, luminaires and regulations. He joins the AVF board with first hand industry insights and experience that will no doubt spur the AVF forward in the evolution of our industry.

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