Agra Tech is building high-tech greenhouses

Industry News

Agra Tech, Inc. in Pittsburg, CA, is a manufacturer of commercial greenhouse systems. They’ve recently unveiled several new High Quality videos that tell the company’s story through the words of its customers and narrated by its own employees.

Agra Tech’s Owner John Pound did a voiceover for one of the videos and enjoyed seeing the production process firsthand. “We learned about what they (our customers) think of us, which is always good for any company to know.” Anita Pound at Agra Tech is proud of the video series and loved working with long-time producer, Mike Abinanti, she said. “Working with Mike (with over 30 years of experience whose credits include producing for ABC’s Monday Night Football) is an amazing experience. He goes far beyond just making a video.”

Anita continues, “By listening to what we and our customers had to say, he was able to identify what it is that makes Agra Tech unique and then highlight it in the video. We do a lot of things here at Agra Tech, so finding a way to communicate that in a video is not that easy. The message would not have come out so clearly if Mike wasn’t there to guide us. His photography is stunning! I can see the tomatoes on screen and I want to reach in and grab one to eat. Mike is a genius at what he does and great to work with. Not only did we end up with great videos, we learned about ourselves, Agra Tech, from the process.”