Kansas State University Urban Food Systems Symposium

Kansas State’s Urban Food Systems Symposium

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The 2016 Urban Food Systems Symposium will be held June 22-25 at the Kansas State University Olathe campus in the metropolitan region of Kansas City. Our goal is to bring together a national and international audience of academic and research-oriented professionals to share and gain knowledge on urban food systems and the role they play in global food security. This symposium includes knowledge on: urban agricultural production, local food systems distribution, urban farmer education, urban ag policy, planning and development, food access and justice, and food sovereignty.

Kansas State University Urban Food Systems Symposium

The 2016 Symposium is a partnership between the Kansas State University Global Food Systems Initiative and Cultivate Kansas City, a non-for- profit dedicated organization that grows food, farms, and community in support of a sustainable, healthy, and local food system in greater Kansas City.


The ideal attendee for this symposium includes:

  • Researchers and students
  • Extension Faculty
  • Other academics
  • Not-for- profit administrators
  • Community Organizers
  • Urban Food Systems experts


Distinguished Speakers Include:

  • Julian Cribb, of Julian Cribb & Associates will give the keynote address, The Age of Food, on Thursday, June 23.  Cribb is an expert on communicating science.
  • Dr. Nancy Creamer, Distinguished Professor of Sustainable and Community-based Food Systems at North Carolina State University will address Building a Local Food Economy in North Carolina.
  • Ken Meter, food systems analyst and President of Crossroads Resource Center will present The Long Tradition of Urban Agriculture in the U.S. – and It’s Future.
  • Dr. Sarah Taylor Lovell, Associate Professor of Landscape Agroecology at the University of Illinois will address Planning Urban Spaces for Sustainable Food Production.


Breakout sessions throughout the conference will cover such topics by speakers from across the United States as: Urban Food Production Systems; Policy, Planning and Advocacy; Nutrition and Human Health; Urban Farmer Training; Food Security; and Community and Economic Development and University/College Programs.


Other topics include:

  • Increasing Access to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in a South Los Angeles Food Desert
  • Just Like Mama Used to Make: Urban Farming as an Adjunct to the Federal Import Regulatory Scheme Regarding Immigrant Foodways
  • Increasing Access to Local Food by Extending Shelf Life of Fresh Vegetables
  • Food Systems for an Increasingly-Urban Population
  • and many more.


Please visit the event website: http://www.ufss2016.org/

Urban Food Systems Symposium Location:

Kansas State University Olathe
22201 W. Innovation Drive
Olathe, KS, 66061