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Students meet future employers in virtual jungle

To match inspiring horticultural entrepreneurs online with top talent, is what this new Jungle Talks concept is all about: online masterclasses and so-called ‘pitch webinars’ straight from the Costa Rican jungle.

Masterclasses and pitch webinars
Each month a horticultural entrepreneur describes his internationalization strategy and shares his thoughts on new opportunities for growth. Talent is needed to turn these opportunities into reality. And that is why this entrepreneur will invite, during the masterclass, international students to digitally apply and to become part of this future.

On March 16, 20.45 hrs CET, Stijn and Rob Baan of Koppert Cress kick off this webinar series of 2017. More detailed info on this masterclass is to be released next week. Koppert Cress is followed by Van den Berg Roses, Koppert Biological Systems and Dalat Hasfarm in the months of April, May and June respectively.  

Jungle Talks
Jungle Talks is inspired by Steve Jobs who said: „I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology.” No other sector operates so explicitly at this  intersection as the horticultural sector. ‘Jungle Talks’ aims to be part of these innovations and contributes to the digital exchange of knowledge.

For more information, go to www.jungletalks.com/en/. Here you can register to participate to the mentioned masterclasses and sign up to receive the Jungle Talks newsletter. Click here to register directly for the masterclass of Koppert Cress.
Everyone can join these masterclasses and students from around the globe are challenged to ‘click and pitch’!

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