Growtainers® custom build for a US food retailer and on site production

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CEA Advisors & Growtainers® promises even more global excitement in Indoor Farming and Controlled Environment Agriculture in 2017.

After more than a year of meetings with the Produce Marketing team at a major US food retailer, the first custom built for onsite production Growtainer® has been delivered and will begin production in Q1, 2017. “We spent over a year discussing the retailer’s concerns and objectives and when I was sure we were all on the same page we began the design and manufacturing process” said Glenn Behrman, founder of Greentech Agro LLC and CEA Advisors LLC.     

Growtainers® have come a long way from those first two prototype models built about 4 years ago and recently donated to Texas A & M Agrilife Research Center in Dallas. Our understanding of the critical importance of the growing environment and the need for intuitive control systems has increased. “We’re collaborating with more industry experts in all areas that are critical to the development of a well-balanced successful production environment”.

“Increasing global awareness of indoor local vertical production has been the driver in our laser focused pursuit of new, modern and sustainable indoor farming practices”. On site production in the Growtainer® to produce the freshest, unique, gourmet leafy greens and herbs for their customers at the retail level is the objective of the project.  Our retail partner is the first in the nation to train their team members in a food safety compliant, climate controlled, LED lit multi-layer vertical indoor production environment.  

“CEA Advisors is proud to be working with a forward-thinking food retailer that is committed to innovation and focused on food safety, unique products and the customer experience” said Behrman. For this project, CEA collaborated with a McKinney Texas based water management firm, whose team assisted in the design and installation of a state of the art irrigation system. The container modifications were carried out by the largest and most experienced group in the USA. North America’s leading horticultural supplier of goods and services provides their expert and ongoing consultation to the project, as well.  

This unique 53’ custom built Growtainer® has a separate utility area and provides 480 square feet of climate controlled vertical production space, specially designed for maximum efficiency and food safety compliance. Each Growrack® is equipped with energy efficient LED production modules, specifically designed for multilayer cultivation. The irrigation system is divided into separate zones to provide flexibility and allow a wide variety of production of crops at various growth stages. Behrman worked closely with the engineering team to design a sophisticated control system. The proprietary irrigation system is constantly monitored and any corrections to EC or PH are made immediately. Every irrigation event is perfect for the plants optimum growth.

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