Urban Ag News attends high tech greenhouse opening

Exclusives from Urban Ag News

Urban Ag News recently visited Golden Fresh Farms in Ohio.

Golden Fresh Farms, a subsidiary of Red Sun Farms, has completed Phase 1 of their high-tech greenhouse in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Phase 1 includes 20 acres of cultivation space and a 23,500 sq. ft. distribution center. The first 200,000 tomato plants were transplanted into the greenhouse in January, 2017. The greenhouse is growing three different tomato varieties. Phase 1 is capable of producing 16 million pounds of tomatoes per year. The long term plan for Golden Fresh Farms is to expand to 200 acres of cultivation area over eight phases. Golden Fresh Farms will focus on supplying the U.S. market with fresh local produce. The distribution center is capable of delivering anywhere within a 10 hour travel radius.

Greenhouse tomatoes can grow to lengths of 50 feet long and can yield 145 lbs per square meter. Field tomatoes generally yield close to 8.6 lbs per square meter

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