MICROGREENS… Not Only Healthy and Delicious, But Fun to Grow

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Vegetable producers, health-minded consumers, and many inventive chefs have realized the advantages of microgreens – tiny leaves of vegetable plants less than 14 days old. Microgreens, which are smaller than “baby greens” and harvested later than sprouts, offer intense flavor and vibrant color and add an appealing touch to garnishes for salads, sandwiches and soups. Whether they’re spinach, arugula, beet or lettuce, microgreens are believed to be exceptionally nutritious, even more so than the “baby” versions of these vegetables.

Microgreens grown in a controlled environment such as a hydroponic greenhouse system are of consistent quantity and quality, and are available 52 weeks a year, in any climate.  Marilyn Brentlinger, Chief Operating Officer and owner of CropKing says there is already a market for microgreens.  “Many of CropKing’s hydroponic customers are successfully cultivating and selling microgreens to area markets and local chefs, and many are delivering the greens in the tray that they’re grown in – a great Farm to Consumer concept!”

Founded in 1982, CropKing is a family owned business located in Lodi, OH, and is the manufacturer of high quality greenhouses and complete hydroponic growing systems.  CropKing designs, tests, and manufactures in the USA and offers complete solutions for everyone, from the hobbyist to the professional grower.  The company’s mission is to provide the absolute best products and services coupled with the most promising new technology to create a value that is unmatched in the industry.

CropKing believes that attention to customer service and the success of their commercial growers are the keys to their continued growth.  For further information, contact cropking@cropking.com or visit www.cropking.com.