Marco van Leeuwen Joins Green Sense Farms Advisory Board

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Marco van Leeuwen has joined the Green Sense Farms Advisory Board. Van Leeuwen is Managing Director of Rijk Zwaan, a world leader in the market of vegetable seeds. Based in the Netherlands, Rijk Zwaan produces more than 1,000 varieties of seeds representing 25 vegetable crops.

Formed earlier this year, the Green Sense Farms Advisory board will assist Green Sense as it continues expanding in both domestic and international markets. The Board consists of business leaders representing agriculture, the environment, finance, LED lighting, genome sequencing, information technology, and more. Bob Parker is chairman of the advisory board, and is Vice President and Global Commercial Manager for ExxonMobil’s Environmental Services Company.

“Green Sense Farms is advancing the field of indoor vertical farming worldwide. Working together helps us all improve the global food chain,” said van Leeuwen. “Working with professionals such as Marco van Leeuwen means that we now can focus on finding seeds that grow best indoors under LED lights, eventually allowing us to double crop yields, advancing the industry and creating a better product for consumers,” said Robert Colangelo, CEO and Founding Farmer for Green Sense Farms.

Green Sense Farms’ innovative indoor, vertical growing system means their farms can grow 365 days per year in perfect growing conditions, without herbicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds. Popular Science recently named Green Sense Farms to its list of the year’s 100 Greatest Inventions for the farm’s innovative sustainable farming. Headquartered in Portage, Indiana, Green Sense Farms has announced the formation of Green Sense Farms, Asia Pacific, Ltd. and plans to build more than 12 indoor farms in the People’s Republic of China, as well as additional farms in the United States and beyond.