Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA) Excited to be Collaborating with Urban Ag News

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Originally published in Issue 14

Eri Hayashi

By Eri Hayashi, Japan Plant Factory Association, Industry Expert

We are immensely proud to be working together with Urban Ag News for our upcoming, fall 2016 event in the United States as part of an international project of the Japanese government and the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI). This international project aims to promote global PFALs (Plant Factory with Artificial Lighting) and the vertical farm industry by encouraging multi-discipline, international business and research and development cooperation. We will focus on selecting companies that possess prominent technology or outstanding capacities for technological development in order to facilitate international collaboration. More details on the event will be announced by Urban Ag News at a later date.

JPFA is targeted at developing and disseminating sustainable and innovative plant factory systems. Beyond multiple onsite consortium R&D projects conducted in PFALs and greenhouses, several research committees will have numerous active members conducting discussions and research together to allow forward progress to occur. Research committee subject matter include: LED grow lights, PFAL operational management, high-tech greenhouses, and more.    

Moreover, together with our esteemed CEO, Dr. Toyoki Kozai, we have the privilege of cooperating with many companies and institutions possessing cutting-edge technologies and deep, innovative knowledge. We further share a passion for offering a viable solution to global issues and challenges such as food security, environmental sustainability, energy output, and addressing resource constraints that our planet has and will be facing for many years to come. Any international collaboration including funding or investment is highly welcomed. 

JPFA has been organizing workshops every month with companies and academic research institutions since 2009. We are excited to commemorate the 100th workshop event on July 13, 2016, in Kashiwa-no-ha campus, a smart city outside Tokyo.


For more: http://npoplantfactory.org/english.html

Japan Plant Factory Association

The JPFA is a non-profit association devoted to academic and business advancements in the Plant Factory/Vertical Farm/CEA industry. Around 20 consortium R&D projects are conducted in PFALs and greenhouse facilities, onsite and off-campus, each year. Apart from monthly workshops; training courses and intensive business session courses are offered every month for professional growers and potential entrants/operators. Business and R&D cooperation, consulting services, research activities, and any collaboration are always welcomed!

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