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Portsmouth, RI., USA – February 7, 2017

Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) is a new sustainable agro-tech company working to help improve the way in which we grow food around the world. Using a responsible mix of science, engineering, technology and nature, we have designed a Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse system built to deliver produce and fish that is environmentally conscious and robust in usability, productivity and sustainability.

Today we have Smart Cars, Smart Phones, and Smart Grids, so it is time we have Smart Agriculture. It is known that the majority of the Earth’s fresh water is used for agriculture, and the majority of that water is wasted. Well designed aquaponic systems can use up to 90% less water than traditional farming methods thanks to proper design and recycling methods. Additionally, these facilities are more productive because as climate controlled systems, they can grow year round and have vertical farming capabilities.

This is what CFS brings to the table. As a new startup having just completed the initial design phase, we are currently looking for investment to build our prototype/demo facility.

Please visit to see what our vision and goals are for the future of agriculture. If you wish to invest in or partner with CFS, email our founder and CEO at the contact email provided below.


Cybernated Farm Systems, LLC
Founder and CEO – Douglas Mallette


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