Colorado Aquaponics and Ceres Greenhouse Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Bring Energy-Efficient Aquaponic Greenhouses to Market

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Colorado Aquaponics and Ceres Greenhouse Solutions – two Colorado –based independent businesses – announced that they will partner to create super energy-efficient aquaponic greenhouses. The new greenhouses build off each companies’ years of research and development in their respective industries. Colorado Aquaponics designs high-yield aquaponic systems for small-scale commercial farms. Ceres Greenhouse Solutions creates super energy-efficient greenhouses using passive solar design principles and renewable heating / cooling methods. Now, through a strategic partnership, the companies will deliver integrated designs that pair space-efficient, hybrid aquaponic systems with high-performance year-round greenhouses.

The aquaponic greenhouses feature Ceres’ steel frame structures, with an insulated north wall and tri-wall polycarbonate glazing. The energy-efficient materials deliver a controlled, year-round growing environment. This scalable, energy-efficient greenhouse is particularly suited for small-scale commercial aquaponics systems, which require a durable energy-efficient to control heating and cooling costs (particularly for water heating). In turn, the greenhouse benefits from added thermal mass of aquaponics fish tanks, which help regulate temperature. Combined, the two create a natural synergy that enables aquaponic operations to grow more efficiently, sustainably and year-round in a wide range of climates.

The companies’ pre-fabricated aquaponics greenhouses will be offered in a range of sizes, such as a 23’ x 40’ for back-yard growers, or a 30’ x 96’ for small-scale businesses. Growers have the option of purchasing just the designs or a pre-fabricated structure and system components as well. In addition, both companies will continue to offer custom design, engineering and consulting services tailored to growers needs.


About Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Ceres Greenhouse Solutions designs and builds super energy-efficient greenhouses, enabling growers to grow year-round without significant energy costs. Their technology is applied to a range of markets, including back-yard gardeners, small-scale farms and commercial cannabis operations.

Ceres also specialize in renewable heating and cooling systems. Ceres’ Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system uses the natural, stable temperature of the earth below ground to provide year-round heating and cooling at a fraction of the cost of traditional HVAC systems. This allows greenhouses to grow year-round in harsh climates with little to no heating and cooling cost.

“Our CERES greenhouse in Leadville is in full bloom at 10,800 ft., producing summer squash, tomatoes, basil, and figs, even though it regularly drops to negative 20 degrees at night,” said Marc Plinke, Ceres’ co-founder. “The Leadville structure is a net-zero greenhouse where if electricity is needed for temperature control it is provided by a solar PV system attached to the owner’s home. The majority of the heating and cooling comes from the sun and our energy-efficient design.” More information can be found at


About Colorado Aquaponics

Colorado Aquaponics grew out of Flourish Farms, a 3,000 sq. ft. farm attached to the GrowHaus in Denver, Colorado. Owned and operated by JD and Tawnya Sawyer, Flourish Farms has provided fresh produce to local restaurants and community members for several years. It also gave the Sawyers experience in running an aquaponics farm, which they applied to launch Colorado Aquaponics to consult other growers on how to do the same. The Sawyers also operate The Aquaponic Source, which they bought in 2015. The array of business has given the Sawyers an invaluable amount of experience designing, researching and honing residential and commercial aquaponic systems. More information can be found at

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  1. Bonsoir
    Nous avons besoin d’aide pour installer une aquaponie en Tunisie, il nous manque :
    – Les plans.
    – les Kits
    Nous sommes un groupe de personnes vivaient dans une région aride marginalisé est opprimé.
    Aider nous a fabriquer une aquaponie pour vivre avec dignité

    1. Dear Mohamed: We would like to help, but our French is not strong. Can we communicate in English? If not, maybe we can find someone who can communicate better in French.

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