North American growers welcome new tool to manage light

“Giving growers the tools to manage light quality is one of our specialities,” says Chris Higgins, General Manager of Hort Americas. “For example, we were one of the first suppliers of LED grow lights in the US. At that time, we saw the crop advantages that growers realised when they had the ability to manipulate […]

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Hort Americas Offers OSRAM Horticultural LED Lights

Hort Americas is now offering OSRAM’s ZELION HL300 series of horticultural LED fixtures including controls and accessories. One of main advantages of the fixtures is they are controllable allowing users to adjust both the light intensity (light quantity) and the spectrum (light quality). The ZELION HL300 Grow Light is a 100- to 600-watt dimmable and […]

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Nutrient guidelines for hydroponic tomato production

By Victor Loaiza, on behalf of Hort Americas It is important to conduct water and nutrient solution analyses on a regular basis to ensure hydroponic tomatoes are receiving the proper level of nutrients. Making sure that hydroponically-grown tomatoes receive the proper nutrient levels requires testing water and nutrient solutions. Growers also need to confirm that […]

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Pre-Empt Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer

Proudly brought to the commercial Hydroponic and Organic grower by Hort Americas and specifically developed for re-circulating NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), the Pre-Empt Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer is packed with the essential micro and macro nutrients, amino acids and vitamins your plants hunger for! Pre-Empt goes through a FIVE stage fermenting process which is above and […]

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Hort Americas and Bright Agro Tech partner for a free webinar on picking substrates for hydroponics

Choosing a Hydroponic Substrate: Tips From the Pros Hort Americas has partnered with Upstart Farmers – Bright Agrotech to offer a free webinar on choosing a hydroponic substrate! Knowing what your hydroponic system needs can be hard. To help you out, Dr. Nate from Bright Agrotech, Chris Higgins, and Tyler Baras from HortAmericas lent their experience and knowledge […]

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Webinar on “Managing Nutrient Solutions for Hydroponic Leafy Greens and Herbs”

If you missed the e-GRO webinar “Managing Nutrient Solutions for Hydroponic Leafy Greens and Herbs” on Jan. 22, 2016, which was sponsored by Hort Americas, you can still view the webinar on YouTube. Hydroponic greens and herbs are produced in systems with recirculating nutrient solutions. In order to maintain productive and quality crops, it is important to know […]

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Hort Americas offers OMRI-certified Riococo coir substrates

Hort Americas offers several Riococo coir substrate products. Two of those substrates recently received OMRI certification for use in organic crop production. Riococo Coir Starter Blocks allow growers to propagate easier and faster to produce healthy plants organically. These biodegradable blocks are made from a 100 percent coir fiber compressed disc packed in biodegradable cellulose paper. […]

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Hort Americas Sponsors Tour de Fresh Ride

BEDFORD, Texas, Sept. 22, 2015 — Hort Americas is a proud sponsor (and rider participant) of the Tour de Fresh. This one-of-a-kind collaborative event unites the most significant brands and influencers in the fresh produce industry for a four-day cycling event that raises funds to benefit the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools campaign. The […]

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Indoor Vertical Farming Jim Pantaleo

Indoor Vertical Farming 2015: What I’ve Learned

In August of 2014 I was burned out. The previous twenty years of my life were marked by a career as a software-licensing business development manager; half of this time spent with tech behemoth Hewlett Packard. My ‘field’ positions consisted of all-things corporate; like long days and nights on the road far from home and […]

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Hort Americas Financing through Sparkfund

Hort Americas Partners with SparkFund to Provide Financing for Energy Efficient Grow Lights

From One of Our Sponsors Hort Americas, a leading North American wholesale horticulture supplier, has teamed up with SparkFund to offer controlled environment agriculture customers financing plans for their energy efficient grow lights. The SparkFund lease covers the upfront costs of efficiency projects and customers can select the terms of the leases to help meet […]

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Horticubes XL, Horticultural Foam from Oasis Grower Solutions and Hort Americas

Horticube XL was created for the specific needs of professional hydroponic growers, its modified cell structure and unique chemistry promotes faster, stronger root growth. Specialized density and drainage properties in a fine-cell design provide uniform moisture throughout the media – whether you use overhead irrigation or sub-irrigation. So nutrients are more readily available. New roots […]

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Hort Americas Green Pod Video

Green Pods represent a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional growth chambers and greenhouses for a wide range of applications which include vertical farming trials, tissue culture production, horticulture research, controlled environment agricultural applications and testing.

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Crazy Busy Spring for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Spring is finally slowing down and we will be “ramping” our Blog back up. Look forward to new articles from a variety of writers all focused on Controlled Environment Agriculture, Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture. But until we get back to speed we recommend that you check out the latest article from Hort Americas and […]

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It’s LIVE! First Edition: Urban Ag Products E-Magazine

Our first edition e-magazine is now available! Be inspired by Will Allen as he celebrates their 20th year urban farming for Growing Power in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. See videos for light quality and green power LEDs. You’ll also find tips for planning a successful greenhouse operation along with the best substrate for the tastiest lettuce. […]

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