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‘Working as a collective will help create a paradigm shift so more women can enter this space.’

As more women enter the Agritech sector, a group of industry professionals led by Connie Bowen (Farmhand Ventures) and Amy Wu (From Farms to Incubators) decided to create a new searchable directory to serve as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking to connect both inside and outside of Agtech and help other growers partner with women in the sector. 

The directory has more than 1400 online members with diverse Agritech and food service backgrounds in an easy searchable and shareable format. The directory was recently updated with the latest contact information and currently shows 686 visible entries.

The Women in Agrifood Directory can be found here.

Connectivity is key to driving successful partnerships

This is a much needed resource which will help propel underrepresented female innovators in the sector and help those seeking to add diverse (women, trans, and non-binary folx welcome) leaders in agrifood to their events as speakers, to their teams as employees/partners, and to their networks as peers.

Read the background to why they developed this valuable resource 

The developers, Wu and Bowen go on to say that they hope conference organizers will identify high calibre women as leaders in the future, and that investors and VC firms will use the list to create collaborative partnerships.

Details on how to join the directory 

If you’re missing from the list, OR or if you’re already on this list, but would like to update your info, simply fill out this form ( with the up-to-date information, and check the “Update” box. You will be contacted on an annual basis to confirm/update your information.

Please reach out to Connie Bowen at or Amy Wu at, with any questions or concerns.

This searchable directory is the result of a collaboration led by Connie Bowen (Farmhand Ventures) and Amy Wu (From Farms to Incubators) with contributions from Allison Kopf (iUNU (f/k/a Artemis Ag)), Pam Marrone (Marrone Bio Innovations), Louisa Burwood-Taylor (AgFunder News), and Danielle Gould (Food+Tech Connect.)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (

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