Plant Empowerment Workshop in Columbus, Ohio


The Ohio State University, in partnership with Gotham Greens and Hort Americas, will be organizing the Plant Empowerment Workshop on July 10, 2020. This workshop is the first one in the US, following the recent movement of ‘GPE – Growing by Plant Empowerment’.  One of the original authors of a book ‘Plant Empowerment’ Dr. Peter van Wheel from the Netherlands will be the invited instructor hosted by an OSU professor Dr. Chieri Kubota. 

Gotham Greens Providence.
Photo credit: Gotham Greens and Julie McMahon

This workshop will offer advanced learning and discussion opportunities for greenhouse growers, towards an integrated approach based on greenhouse environmental physics and crop production physiology, leading to a balanced growing method for high yields, high quality, saving energy, and high profitability in greenhouse controlled environments. The workshop will be held in the OSU campus (Columbus, Ohio). This may be a great opportunity for those planning the large greenhouse tradeshow Cultivate 2020

More information can be found in

Thanks to the additional supporting industries to make this event happen.  The online registration will open on March 23. 


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