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There are so many sponsorship opportunities:

Industry Innovation Sponsor – This includes a video, logo placement on the Urban Ag News website, a dedicated page to your product and brand that has been search engine optimized and, most importantly, an invitation to a virtual quarterly planning meeting. Also, one full page ad in each quarterly emagazine issue, and a technical article written by our writers highlighting your company’s technology and the science behind it to be placed within the Urban Ag News website. This sponsorship will not be available to everyone. Urban Ag News must be confident that these sponsors believe in our mission statement of collaboration and education.

Educational Video Sponsor – This sponsorship includes a 5- to 8-minute video that educates growers on key disciplines important to the success of their crops. The focus of these videos can include products as they fit into the growers’ production processes. In collaboration with your company, these videos will be created by Urban Ag News. This video will be highlighted in quarterly emagazine issue along with a 1/2 page ad.

Discipline Sponsor – This sponsorship includes a dedicated page to your company that provides educational information on your product line, as well as a 1/3 page ad in quarterly emagazine issues. What makes this such a good opportunity compared to traditional advertising is that your page will be optimized for search engine traffic. This means your dollars will be working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week during your sponsorship agreement.

Web banner ads – Limited quantities available.

Magazine ads – Limited quantities available.

Idea Sponsor – Unlimited Opportunities Contact Urban Ag News for additional details on this custom opportunity.

Other sponsorship opportunities to come include: Books T-Shirts Networking Events Conferences Blog Articles and Webinars